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Bongo star Diamond Platnumz’s family is in the limelight, this time for something his big sister, Esma Khan has done.

Esma took to her Instagram Live and confessed that she aborted a pregnancy that was on its first trimester after she broke up with her husband, South African based businessman called Msizwa.

The couple wed in an elaborate ceremony that was broadcast on TV and all social media outlets. She was the envy of many.

Three months later, the marriage was over. As in O.V.E.R.

Esma and Msizwa could not see eye to eye on anything, they always took potshots at each other online to the glee of gossip-hungry netizens.

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Anyhow, on Sunday (January 10, 2021) Esma dropped the bombshell and revealed that she was pregnant with their baby when they parted ways

“I want to answer all those who are saying I have aborted a pregnancy. It is true. Yes I did it because I can’t give birth to a child and hope to raise it with a man whom I don’t have feelings for.”

She continued,

“Basically, what I’m saying, If I had given birth to that baby, I wouldn’t have loved it. You need to bear children with someone whom you love. Why would you bring a child into this world and end up hating on it?”

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Esma and Msizwa
Esma and Msizwa

Confirming that their marriage is over, Esma added,

“Guys, stop attacking me with the fact that I aborted the pregnancy. I married him to enjoy the lap of luxury shortly like one week and we separate, so tried to be with him for months. We agreed to get into marriage and then go on with our separate lives, so I’m not in love and I didn’t want to get a child in the first place.”

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Esma Platnumz's weddingEsma went on to explain that she did the dumping in the case of her recent marriage,

“I have never been left by a man in my entire life. I am the one who leaves a relationship. Money is everything in my life and not a relationship. For now, I’m single and not ready to mingle.”

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