Anthony Maina

Hello brethren, everyday you wake up and go to bed, always thank God. He is the reason why you are still alive and healthy today. Do not take life for granted. Many are in hospitals cannot eat and talk but always praise the Lord, no matter what. Many wanted to see this day but they never made it; so always thank God your creator for the gift of life. These are not my words but my pastor’s words; he says this every Sunday before he preaches so don’t mistake me for Sister Caren…

Anyway, I came across this story of a Kenyan man by the name Anthony Maina Ng’ang’a, who is lucky to be alive. Last year, Maina developed a liver disease that changed the colour of his eyes to yellow and was forced to undergo treatment in India. It was not easy for him as to raise the funds but thanks to well-wishers, family and friends who made it possible.

Maina travelled to India where he had a successful liver transplant. The young man is still in India and unlike many who take life for granted, Maina took to social media to give thanks to the Lord for healing him. He shared photos of before and after the liver transplant and he is living proof that our Lord is an awesome God.