Alai attacks comedians

Controversial blogger Robert Alai has been slammed for sharing information without facts. Alai posted photos of some of the comedians who attended Othuol Othuol’s funeral among them Jalang’o, Churchill, Mc Jesy eating ugali and chicken and claimed that they used part of Sh1 million which was contributed for the funeral expenses to buy food.

But that wasn’t true. the comedians were hosted by Jalang’o’s mother at her rural home.

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Check out the photos

Churchill Show comedians Churchill Show comedians

Jalang'o and MC Jessy

‘The use for the Ksh 1million? Kenyan celebs think not further than their own stomach.
Should have donated washing points or sanitizers masks to schools near Othuol Othuol’s village. Their only thought was their stomach. I can’t think like this,’ Alai tweeted.


‘Stop MOURNING the dead by overeating at their funerals when you couldn’t send money they needed to treat themselves. Support a charitable cause nearby instead. Don’t do something stupid because the stupid cheers you on.’

Another twitter big wig Lord Abraham Mutai wrote,

You know this is so sad. Othuol Othuol was in need of money to finance his medication but they could not help him. Some ignored his messages for financial help only to reply after his death. Now they raised Ksh1million to bury him, then they go eat, laughing it off. Hypocrites.

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Things didn’t go well with Kenyans who lashed out at Alai and reactions include;

Kyalo Elly So they should not eat because he died?

Ras Hata wewe pia ukiona, this food inaweza fika 1million or even 10k? We shouldn’t always be critics of everything.

yycomedian Actually this is Jalango’s home. Honestly I can’t even reason with such a person

mukami_lynn Sasa watu wakae njaa juu Othuol aliaga 😅si Alai unastraaaaagooo walai shieenzi

Musa Warjas Soo othoul aki kufa tusikule

Polski Hii food haifiki hata 3k…acha upus!Thiga ngoma…

Meluami Parori Nonsense. Grow up bana

Bella Akinyi Yaani ni ugali inakuuma hivo? jee wangekua ng’ombe mzoma?

Shiko Munuhe The food is for the living, not the dead……you wanted them to starve?……wacha watu wakule wakati wako na nguvu

Faith Oslynn wewe ulitoa ngapi kwa hiyo 1 million?

Cherolin Brandy Wasted product from your home,,, you are a disgrace to pple of Kenya, na vile tuko na Deni mingi from China,, heri tukupeane huko ufanye u maid Deni ipungue than kukua na wajinga kama wewe Kenya

Kathure Agather Kwani kukula ni dhambi ??

Paul Maina Wambugu Robert !!…😔😔.. just shows how you lack content. Just writing anything for attention

Kenneth Wisdom Is that food worth 1Million,,,kwani kula pamoja kuna shida? don’t fill ur life with hate and strife plus bitterness. life is short. everyone will live by his own labour and seed he/she plants,,.. Othuol lived upon his fruit…they did their best even the father…he was not a robot to be controlled…he controlled his life to the end….leave Churchill alone… ameinua wengi sana!! than those who fall from his hand

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