It is very rare to see men publicly uploading posts pouring out their hearts and more so, admitting that they messed up in a relationship.

Well a city man identified as Eston Brooks defied societal pressure and expectations where African men are expected to ‘kukaa ngumu’.

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Eston publicly posted a very winding apology to is ex saying he shouldn’t have betrayed her trust and mistreated her.

His posts are usually quotes about relationships and how to be loyal and treating women as they deserve. He has clearly learnt from his mistakes, after every post he has the #TEAMLOYAL.

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Kenyans on social media reacted to his confession.

Rizaki Abdulaziz: Eston Brooks mnzeee this is so sad wallahi no worries bro am sure u will find someone who is like her o or even better than her inspite this days its hard to find that kinda person lakin kazana bro…. n aww the best part is u learnt a big lesson n ndugu dnt do that again to someone who loves u……

June Sparkle Juju: Cheating is a decision buddy, but because u know what it costed u, I think u have now matured, I too know what it feels like to see a person who I loved happily moved on with another person, but I did that to myself, and I can’t afford to do it again, most of us learn the hard way, but this hard way is the strength giver, all Glory to God for the maturity.

Lucy Roche: Good thing you took full responsibility of your mistakes..but the better part is that u learnt the lesson in it.

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Eston Brooks: Dear there is a difference between a man and a boy,don’t stress over a boy who can’t stand up to been a man, is too short for shitty relationship so go find yourself a man who will love you and treat you the way you should

Marren Akoth: Sorry, you were counting the stars while loosing the moon not knowing that the moon is only one but the stars are many.

Mali Shafrie: Wow.. I know Catherine. In fact, she was my school mate and is a long time friend. Its sad anyway that you had to lose her to learn the value of love and respect.. My own view- I think you should have consulted her on this matter before uploading this. Nonetheless, I pray you find profound happiness and unconditional love.