Remember the malnourished child from Nigeria whose heartbreaking pictures did rounds on  the internet, as a volunteer held a bottle to his mouth?

The child was found starving in the streets of Nigeria, after his parents abandoned him and left him to die, suspecting him to be a ‘witch’ child.

He was rescued by Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Lovén was on a mission in the country to rescue some of the thousands of children who had been abandoned.

After being treated for worms in his stomach, he was taken to an orphanage Anja runs with the help of her team.

In 8 months, Hope (the name he was given) was a changed child. On the way to recovery, he gained weight and health.

A year later, he’s ready to go to school and Anja recreated the old picture to show the huge difference.

Here are the photos:

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