Months after breaking up with her Tanzanian bae Chansa Vera Sidika seems to have set her eyes on Kenyan media influencer Xtian Dela.

Vera has had her fair share of breakups after breaking up with Otile Brown before she started dating Chansa.

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Taking to her Insta stories Vera wrote,

“Xtian is my homie in case you didn’t know. He actually incited me to start a live show btw, Sin City and I think he is a good looking guy.

I even told him this. I love you Xtain Dela,” Vera posted.


Xtian Dela was shocked at the confession, in response to that he wrote,

“wueh! This is the second ‘I love you’. Ebu drop your pin and see. I also have a media pass for curfew hours. Especially the way you are marinated.”

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On realizing what she had done Vera blamed her ‘outburst’ on the booze.

But as we all know people normally speak the truth when they are drunk. And frankly speaking she can do better than Xtian.

Compared to Chansa, Xtian is what we would call kijana wa mtaa.

As Instgram-in-laws we are disappointed.

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