Kasarani pastors

Pastor Susan Munene, who went viral after twa twa video, where she was encouraging couples to practise sexual activities has spoken out.

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In a candid interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the co-founder of Overcomers Hope Ministries

I used myself as an example to drive the point home… limit when you should have sex.
We were not in our church. we had been invited as guest ministers as a couple’s meeting and the topic was ‘How to enjoy sexual intimacy in marriage and our audience was married couples.

She continued,

I want to thank Kenyans for embracing this video and making it go viral.

Nairobi governor Mike Sonko banned Nairobians from having sex in the CBD after Pastor Susan’s remarks.

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Responding to Sonko she said, I precisely meant that,

the condition of sex IS THAT YOU SHOULD NEVER have sex as a couple when someone else is watching you because this is a sacred service to you and to God. When I said in the car  I meant a private place because a car has a door and windows so no one should see you.

She continued,

Your housegirl, children, neighbors shouldn’t see you do it. And when I said in the kitchen I didn’t mean you do it when the househelp or children are around. As married pastors, our kids have never witnessed us doing it. This is something that needs to be done between me and pastor because it’s the food for marriage and without feeding, you’ll die gradually.

Sex is a gift to married couples so that they can enjoy it. You and your husband can play together if it takes sex as a game.

She added that,

I also want to echo the words of my governor (Mike Sonko) that sex should never be done in CBD because it is a sacred act that should be done by married couples and not in a public place.

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Talking about the recent homicide cases where women several women have been killed by their spouses or estranged lovers, she said,

Our grieve as the Munenes is when we see a couple married for 5 years or more killing each other. The reason why such things are happening is because there’s no unity in their matrimonial bed.


There’s no way when you have a healthy sexual life you can wake up as a family (husband and wife) after twa twaring (having sex) you’ll take a knife and kill your spouse.

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The couple said their goal is to encourage and unite married couples and heal marriages.