15. Madtrax

Family always warms the heart. Madtraxx has released a never before seen photo of him with his lovely wife and daughter.

Many people were shocked that Madtraxx had a family. The common misconception was that he was still single and searching.

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The Double Tap hitmaker revealed that he is now a family man and that his priorities lie with his young family.

He wrote, “2/2/17 One year after my life changed completely. I have experienced many things, but never a love like this. ????‍????‍???? ❤️”

Meet the madtrax family.

Madtraxx, wife and daughter

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Check out the reaction from his fans.

Nderitû Mahiûha You mean umeoa juzi hivi……I thot ulkwa na bibi n watoi wakubwa chini ya maji………..nyinyi maceleb….all in all do all to make them happy

Jacek Borecki I experience the same feelings. I have a beautiful daughter with my Kenyan wife ????

Wangari Kare Congrats,parenthood is great and most of all that love you receive from ua kid,u cant compare that with any other.

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