Socialite Huddah Monroe recently hit a million followers on Instagram becoming the second most followed Kenyan on the platform after Lupita Nyong’o, who has 3.5 million followers.

The alluring lass who was christened Alhuda Njoroge at birth grew up in Nairobi’s Eastleigh slums and she became famous after representing Kenya in Big Brother Africa (BBA).

Since then, her popularity has rocketed to new levels mainly because of her fancy lifestyle – which many netizens love to keep up with – and her raunchy photos.

A few days ago, Huddah pulled a surprise move on her fans when she put up a post urging them to register as voters ahead of the August polls. That was a deviation from the norm!

In her post, the socialite encourage Kenyans, especially the youth, to get their voters’ cards saying its the only way they can bring change to their country.

She also asked her followers not to vote for someone because that person is your tribesman but because of the qualities they posses.

This is what she posted.

I was so bitter the other day on my SNAP CHAT and I said I won't "VOTE" but I sat down today and thought to myself…"My VOTE is definitely my VOICE , why don't I get out there and let my voice be heard ?" Us the youth/the middle class have too much to give to seat on the sidelines . We all just need to step out of the gray skies into the bright sunshine so that we can all see the dawn of a new day. And Once you get your Voters card , make the right choices! Choices have consequences,So Do NOT only vote for someone bcoz he is your tribesman. But for the qualities he/she posses. A man/woman with a passion to bring change for the country. We must think new and act new not only for today but for our tomorrow . Let's all go out there and get our VOTERS CARDS! Come Election Day , let us all let our voices be heard. #KuraYakoSautiYako???????? #YourVoteIsYourVoice #YourVoteIsYourFuture ????

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