What is this f**kery with Africans?! What has saitan done to us? Which demon has entered us and refused to come out? We need a mega crusade as a ritual to cast out the demons which are tormenting us into doing very weird things on ourselves.

Who said being dark-skinned was a bad thing? Europeans? Americans? Koreans? Puerto Ricans? I don’t think so. So why are we disowning our beauty at this fast pace? Left, right an centre, from women to men, we are lightening (bleaching) our beautiful black skin for what? To look like mzungus? For what? Let me call Vera Sidika… VANITY!

FAKE LIGHT SKIN? Prezzo’s Girlfriend Shares Her Skin ‘Bleaching’ Tips (Photo)

You have to see what our brother has done to himself for you to know that kuna kasaitan fulani we need to exorcise.