When Elani came out crying foul in a now highly publicized video against MCSK, there were a lot of public figures who backed them. The band only received 31,000 shillings as royalties for their music in 2014 which was arguably their most successful year.

The campaign trended under the hash tag #ElaniSpeaks and caught the attention of various Twitter Big Wigs. These included Victoria Rubadiri, Boniface Mwangi and Adele Onyango.

Oh My God! You Will Not Believe How Much MCSK Paid Elani!

In the video, Elani explained how artists earn their money. They were dejected by the fact that MCSK was paying them peanuts whereas their research showed them that they deserved more. They visited various radio stations to see their airplay logs and they differed with numbers listed by MCSK.

These are some of the tweets that got impressive traction during the trend: