Kambua flaunts baby bump

Gospel artiste Kambua Mathu’s story is like that of Hannah in the Bible.

The 35-year-old got her first child after seven years in marriage and in an interview with Parents Magazine, she said they kept trying and never lost hope.

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In 2018, she decided to seek the services of a popular gynecologist Dr Wanjiru Ndegwa, who’s specialized in fertility medicine to help her get pregnant but when she was starting to consult, she found out that she was pregnant.

Speaking during the interview with Parents Magazine, she said,

One day after the Rauka show still feeling a little under the weather, I started thinking of the possibility of being pregnant- because I had stopped keeping track of my ovulation days a few months earlier as it had gotten to a point where I had become so obsessed and it was very emotionally draining. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to take a test and since we had tried for a really long time, we already had several test kits in the house.

To her surprise, the test came out positive. She was pregnant!

Reaction to pregnancy

Kambua narrated how she starred at the kit for a long time and didn’t know how to react. She had mixed feelings. When her pastor’s husband Jackson Mathu came back and saw the result, he was also unable to come to terms with it. He prayed about t and the following day they visited the doctor.

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The mother of one added that,

After we told her (Dr Wanjiru) that we’d gotten a positive result, she explained that she had seen cases like ours before and that even with the different fertility stories, ultimately God still works miracles. That really affirmed things for us.

The couple decided to keep their pregnancy a secret until the last trimester and Kambua gave birth through Cs because her baby came early before the due date.

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