Victoria Rubadiri-

Stella Mteyo is the Uganda woman who has won the hearts of many men in Kiambu town. She knows the way to a man’s heart, which is full.

Stella Mteyo

The young woman runs a restaurant in Kiambu town and has managed to attract several customers thanks to her kindness.

Mteyo, serves her customers while kneeling according to her Ugandan culture and this has left men thronging her restaurant just to be served by her.

Stella Mteyo
Ugandan woman who kneels while serving her customers in Kiambu

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Kneeling for females while greeting and serving the elderly is a Ugandan culture and is often seen as a symbol of respect and submission.

Well, her story was aired on Citizen TV on Sunday night and Jeff Koinange asked his co-cost Victoria Rubadiri if she wold kneel while serving her man.

Victoria Rubadiri

Victoria responded,

I would kneel before the Lord almighty.

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Many have reacted to Mteyo’s kneeling charm while serving her customers and reactions include;

Margaret Anyango My daughters do the same when she is in Uganda when she comes to Kenya must follow our rules.

Imelda Kins Am not kneeling for no human being, I only kneel for my God

James Gathaiya Wow! Mwacha mila sio mtumwa

Blessing Zulu Hey trust me there is nothing wrong with Stella. All you ladies who want to get married to Zambian men. Expect this kneeling once your serving your hubby’s food any elderly person who you go to visit, your in-laws or comes to visit you kneel to greet or serve food. If you can’t, sorry, you won’t get any Zambian man. No matter how many degrees, masters or PHDs you have Zambian women kneel down to serve food or greet there elderly men in the homes.

Carolyne Caro I appreciate her.

Sue I hope she already found herself a hubby with all that kneeling.. I only kneel down for my father In heaven! Hao wengine sitambui.

Shirù Karuga Ndio maana bwana yangu hakuli kwa nyumba? Hii Kiambu iuzwe tugawane pesa

Susan Myongesa My mum also does that too, my father and my grandparents.

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