A city girl is caught between a rock and a hard place. She doesn’t know what to do. Her best friend’s hubby is nyemelearing her, deadly.

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She doesn’t know what to do. Read the full uncut version below…

Aki ladies hakuna mwanaume ako faithful let me tell you. A man will chase you for years and when he finally puts a ring on it he will start cheating.
I have a friend, let’s call her shiko and her husband is karis. Shiko always kept karis on his toes. She did everything right. She waited for 90 days before giving him nunu. She always used protection. At some point she got transferred to another town and since they were not on good terms at that time, she just broke off the relationship. Alifanya kazi huko for two years before coming back to her home town. During the entire two years, Karis begged her to come back but Shiko was an ambitious woman. She wasn’t about to come quit her job because of a man.
Sasa when she came back, ni kama karis alikua na spies everywhere juu alijua the very same day. He called her and they met a week later for dinner. He told her he wanted the relationship to go back to the way it was kwasababu he realised that she was the only one for him.

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Now, shiko has a best friend, tumuite Kairetu. Kairetu is one of those chics who are average looking but when she starts talking and she smiles, you fall in love with her. Si mnajua tu kuna one of those charming people wenye tu you like being around them? That is how Kairetu is. So shiko had introduced karis to kairetu but kairetu did not like the guy. She said that he just had too many issues judging from what shiko had told her. First, karis wanted a baby before marriage and was really giving shiko pressure to give in. Second, its like he also was dating shiko because he wanted his mom to stop nagging him about settling down. He is the first born and all his siblings are either married or have kids. Kairetu had told shiko about her concerns but shiko akamshow she has everything under control.

Kairetu had a boyfriend. They had been dating for so long and everyone knew him. The only person who had not met him was Karis.
So anyway, shiko wanted to go abroad because she felt there were better opportunities for her there. Karis wasn’t happy about that because he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with shiko. Sasa akienda abroad itakua aje? But now shiko told him that they had been dating for two years, broke up for another two years and had dated for almost another year. They both have jobs. Karis had a very high paying job and was financially secure so hangesema ni finances ndio zinamfanya akose ku settle down and get married to shiko. So shiko akaona hapo ni kama kidogo karis alikua anamchesa so she started applying for scholarships ndio aende further studies.
Karis kuona shiko was serious about going abroad, akasema ati he wanted to meet her parents. Excited, shiko akapanga siku and karis met her parents. Karis also organized and she met his parents. Soon after he proposed to her and she said yes. Wakaanza story za ruracio and everything.
Kairetu on the other hand, her relationship with her boyfriend was okay. She wasn’t in a hurry to get married so she was okay with the way things were going for her.
Fast forward, shiko and karis got married. Kairetu was one of wale waschana wa kusimamia wedding.

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So tuseme approximately a few months after shiko and karis had their wedding, kairetu and her boyfriend started having problems. So kairetu used to tell shiko all about her problems with her boyfriend. Since shiko’s phone wasn’t post paid, she would use her husbands phone to call kairetu. They would talk for hours and shiko would console kairetu and tell her to try and work things out. Soon after hanging up the phone, shiko na yeye she would tell her husband all what they had discussed with kairetu. Kwa hivyo tuseme tu karis had all the 411 na alikua anafuatilia tu silently.
Haya, fast forward three months later Kairetu broke up with her boyfriend and she called shiko to tell her all about it. They cried pamoja over the phone and shiko told kairetu that she would find another man. After hanging up, kama kawaida, shiko told the husband what had happened between kairetu and her boyfriend.
Haya, fast forward again, kairetu started going out and dating other men casually. Shiko on the other hand had gotten a promotion at work so she was ever busy.
One day, karis called kairetu and asked her ako wapi. This was the first time karis had ever called her by the way so she was a little surprised. Kairetu akasema ako in a certain restaurant waiting for a date. Karis aka insist that he wanted to talk to her for a few minutes. Worried, kairetu akamwambia sawa, anaweza pitia but he should hurry up before her date gets there.

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By the way, this was around 7pm hapo. In ten minutes karis akafika hiyo restaurant. He was driving thats why alifika haraka. He sat down and kairetu was so curious as to why he wanted to see her so urgently. So karis told her venye shiko has been busy of late and he had made dinner plans with her so he just wanted some company as he waited for her.
Kairetu akashangaa sasa hizi ni mambo gani? Why couldn’t he have called one of his boys? Why did he have to call her. So kairetu aka text her date akamuuliza ako wapi. Date akasema he won’t make it.
Karis na yeye akaanza conversation. He kept saying that as soon as kairetu’s date arrived he would leave. So kairetu akamwambia her date won’t be showing up so she would just head home. Karis offered to drive her home since it was just like twenty minutes away.
Kairetu being naive she accepted. Venye walifika, karis akatokanisha kwa gari na kairetu. Kairetu just assumed ati he wanted to ensure she got into the house before leaving.
Kidogo kidogo karis was like, si unipatie hug?
Kairetu did not even know what to say juu sasa why did he feel the need to hug her? Before she knew it, mtu alikua amemueka in a very tight squeeze. Next thing she knew, karis was kissing her. Kairetu was both shocked and suprised alisimama tu hapo wondering what to do. Karis na yeye aka misinterprate reaction ya kairetu and he started french kissing her. Kairetu ku realize what was happening akamskuma. She felt so disgusted by this Karis.
Surely, he had not even been married to her best friend for a year na ndio huyu ameshaanza tabia za ufisi.

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After that night, karis always called kairetu. He would text her, send whatsapp msgs akimwambia how soft her lips were. Kairetu was ever worried that shiko would one day find those text messages. She contemplated on telling shiko what had happened but she knew karis angeruka iyo story. She needed evidence but she also did not want to ruin her best friend’s marriage. But what kind of a man was karis anyway? How can you kiss your wife’s best friend aki?
So kairetu from that day avoided karis. She stopped picking his calls. She never returned his messages. Until one day he just showed up at her house. He was carrying a bottle of wine, some chocolates and take away food. Ati it was his way of apologizing and he would never ever repeat what happened the other night. Kairetu took the wine, the choclates and the food but refused to let him into the house.
Fast forward a month later, after kairetu had forgotten everything, karis started calling her. He told her that he missed her and he could not get her out of his mind. In fact, akamwambia tu live that he wanted to sleep with her and shiko does not have to know about it. Kairetu has ever since felt so disgusted with karis and she has told him off several times but its like hiyo ndio kitu inam turn on. Dilema ya kairetu is that she wants to tell shiko but how can she do it bila kuambiwa she is trying to steal her man? Kwasababu honestly if karis is doing this with his wife’s best friend na haogopi kairetu atasema, si it means he is also doing the same thing with other women? So mnaona aje, should kairetu spill the beans? Anyway, hakuna mwanaume faithful hii dunia. Don’t think ati because he has married you he will keep it in his pants.

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