Chieff Moses

Kisumu-based artist Chieff Moses, popularly known as Kondele Ghetto President, has said collaborating with Sauti Sol thrust him into the limelight.

“I started singing in high school but it was in 2016 that I started doing it officially,” he said.

It was a talent search.

Once you won in the rap battle you were to be sponsored and I emerged the winner out of 62 contestants.

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Chieff Moses

Moses added,

That is how I got to work with Sauti Sol. When you [do a collabo] with such a big brand, people take notice.

So people started following me. Sauti Sol put me in the limelight.”

Chieff Moses was talking during the launch of Guinness Smooth at Simba Union Club, Kisumu.


As with most ghetto artists, capital is his biggest challenge.

“Most young people from the ghetto have [big] dreams but getting funds to actualize them becomes a problem,” Chieff Moses said.

His parents were against him venturing into music, saying it was a bad career choice.

“When I started they were not for it.

They said it’s a waste of time and said napenda raha.

They did not think that one day I would go home carrying shopping bought with money made through music.

After seeing how well I was doing they are now supportive.” Chieff Moses said.

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He added that music pays, but you have to put in a lot of hard work.

“Music pays when you put effort and the work that is needed. That is why I am here today.

Guinness paid for me to be here, kuniona ni pesa,” the artist said.

Referrals have been crucial to his career.

“It’s not easy to be noticed and it’s not easy to build a brand, but I am happy because Guinness recognized me.

That means that my work is being seen out there.

I have been performing and you never know who is watching.

Corporates out there are watching and when you do a good job you get referrals.” Chieff Moses said.

The reception his music has received has been encouraging, the artist said.


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