I’m not a fan of Nairobi D but from the many comments I come across online, the show is nothing to smile about. It’s terribly ratchet.

According to many, it’s a bunch of ratchet, noisy, uncontrollable women who can’t even construct a simple sentence and pronounce English words correctly. All they do is spread hatred, gossip and promote immorality among the youth.

Most of the reality stars are FAKE!

Nairobi Diaries Haitoshi Mboga! Here Is The Reality Show Where Women Beat Each Other Like Burukenges (Video)

Well, I have been seeing one of the reality members on the show Mishi Dora trending on social media and I was forced to watch the recent episode.

Oh no! It was full of ugly scenes! The reality stars did what they know better.. Talk of hurling all sorts of insults at each other, pulling their cheap sisal weaves and wigs falling off leaving some looking like scarecrows… But that wasn’t enough.

During Uncle Lipunda’s (Mustafa Colonel aka Mus) all white party, there was a confrontation between Mishi Dora and Risper which turned ugly. The once upon a time video vixen decided to school her fellow socialites on the kind of life they are living.

‘Whatever you, just know that it will haunt you back. iT WILL AFFECt your children and parents. Karma is a bitch,” Risper said.

This did not go well with Mishi who thought that Risper was attacking her indirectly. Mishi’s child is critically ill and just like any other mother, Mishi was hurt.

‘Why are you attacking my baby. Don’t talk about my child. Better abuse me the way you want. You don’t know what I am going through Risper,” said the emotional Mishi before she broke down in tears.”

Here are the photos


Mishi Dora




Risper, her lover Brian and Michelle Yola later met and discussed their personal lives and Lola revealed that she was dating a white man.

The two also talked about the drama that happened during Uncle Lipunda’s party but Yola made a bad comment about Mishi’s child who was sick.

“i wish her kid Would die..” said Yola.

This did not go well with many women online who came out guns blazing to attack Yola for her demeaning comments.

Check out the reactions

Nje: The only problem with Mishi and the reason why these all Bishes hate her it’s because she tells the FKN TRUTH

Kelly: Mishi had a difficult childhood. She is resentful and hurt. She must really have been hurt or abused when she was young. She needs counselling and love. There is more to this.

Faith: Mishi is so beautiful (black beauty) Bridget & Pendo meno mbaya, Bridget bleached whale, u don’t have the right to call Mishi ugly ?

Precious: We human n ata kama ni wewe huwezi jicontrol when all of them were against her and throwing hurtful words toward her n her babies…..I felt soo much for her…

Mary: Mishi is too honest,she is real,she aint fake.all the rest hate her coz they are trying too hard instead of being themselves.she’s only human for letting out her feelings.she is a strong woman.team mishi all the way. Wacha hizi bimbos zingine zifake it till they make it

Lola: Mish I stand with you no one can wish somebody’s kids to die

Mommah: Pendo Risper na Bridget stop behaving like fools wachaneni na Mishi akiwaambia ukweli mnamwingilia nkt
Bridget unakaa kunuka mdomo na izo mate zako na io mdomo kubwa you suck big time
Bridget you are a pathological liar calling others ugly na wewe umejaza stretch marks hadi mkunduni

Kerubo: Bridget your down fall is coming…. the way you defend your self….you lying bitch….