It was so unexpected that Republican Donald Trump, a man who has been described as having an ego the size of an adult male alligator, would be elected as the president of the world’s most powerful country. But he was in the just concluded polls in the US.

A lot of people around the world were aghast with horror at the announcement that Trump had handed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton a serious ‘beating’, to become the 45th POTUS.

However, some 13,713 kilometres away from the land of milk and honey, one Kenyan woman was jubilating at Trumps win!

A jobless woman from Bondo in Siaya County, was thrilled by the unprecedented win. After Donald Trumps historic win, Beryl Lilian Okumu Odinga, a sister to Kenya opposition leader Raila Odinga, felt that the world had finally gotten a ‘Messiah’.

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She went ahead to beg the US president-elect for a job, saying that she would be more than willing to take up a job, if offered one by Trump.


Beryl, told the Nairobian that Barack Obama’s presidency was the worst thing to ever happen to America, and Kenya.

“Obama never did anything for Africans. The most memorable thing Obama ever did when he came to Africa was to flirt with some white woman during Mandela’s funeral. As president, Obama sat back and watched his aunt get harassed by the immigration department and he did nothing, yet Zaituni was terminally sick,” she said.

In 2012 Beryl Odinga was charged with abuse of office by unlawfully acquiring 1.5 million shillings from the Kenya Railways Staff retirement benefits scheme. She was then the chairperson of Board of Trustees at the scheme.

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