Another female gangster by the name Marsha Minaj believed to be the manager of the dangerous city gang Gaza has been killed.

The lass whose beauty has struck the eyes of many was a close friend to Cleah Adi Vybz and was gunned down recently by the police.

Clea Adi Vybz1

According to media reports Cleah, was part of a gang being trailed by police officers and refused to surrender. She was shot dead. The late’s hubby, Mwane finally rubbished rumours that he was once an elite squad member and further claimed that Cleah was not a thug.

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Well, Marsha Minaj, was finally gunned down a few weeks after Cleah was buried. The beautiful woman was among the notorious city thugs who were warned by fierce cop Hessy to either change or face the wrath of the law, but it seems this warning fell on deaf ears.

Marsha Minaj
Marsha Minaj (L) with her late friend Clea Adi Vybz (R)


Marsha Minaj

Members of the  Gaza gang are ardent fans of the Jamaican dancehall singer Vybz Kartel’s – who is currently in jail for murder charges –  and their social media accounts are filled with photos of the Jamaican artiste whom they worship.

Also, many share pictures of weed on their pages a clear indication that they are hard knocks.

Marsha Minaj Gaza gang manager
Marsha Minaj Gaza gang manager

Nairobi’s most fierce cop has been applauded by many for his great work and yesterday after he gunned down Marsha, he went ahead to post her photos and accompanied by this message;

“Kayole Hayawi Hayawi huwa. Mbogi ya Clea Adi Vybz najua wengi wamkumbuka ona sasa. Wamejua hawajui #crimedoesnotpay R.I.P Bastards.” 

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This attracted mixed reactions among social media users and here are some of the comments.

Stan: You can’t dare a government. They have all means to get you and eliminate you if possible. Let it be eye opener to those who are still committing crime. Change or else they will come for you too

Marsha Minaj

Jay: manze marsha cant believe this has happened but rest in peace dozz poa tutaja patana gotea clea, enyewe once a soldier will die a soldier,1000 shuts fi yuh

Marsha Minaj

Laura: Mwizi akitafutwa and is known to be armed and dangerous solution is shoot to kill. Sasa you want to tell me wakipata mwane who killed several cops wataanza kumweka pingu?? Common sense

Seel: Maybe they are using this tactic to bring Mwane close ???????????? or to make him surrender

Marsha Minaj

Lilian: Aki Mimi on mzazi nikiona hivi gumbo inaniazatoo nje mama ya hawa watoto anafill aje. Haki please simuache mukijua Mimi nasafav na dio ngapi munaweza nicheka too so pls

Mary: Wakufe I fear these young people. In case you get an encounter with them that is death direct. Rape etc. Kayole will change. Hessy fanya kazi these young generation are terrorising wakenya vibaya

Marsha Minaj

Below is a photo of Marsha Minaj after she was shot by the police

Marsha Minaj