Cheating celebrity spouces

Cheating? Many long-term relationships and marriages can survive – and even thrive again – after infidelity.

Well, a couple of male celebrities have in the past been involved with other women other than their partner but their main chicks have still stuck by them.

King Kaka

The rapper was and is still in a relationship with his girl Nana. He cheated on sage with Nana. Sage left him. Later, a month after Sage hot her baby, Nana also welcomed hers.

King Kaka and Nana cheating
King Kaka and Nana
Sage cheating

Eric Wainaina

The legendary singer was cheating on his wife Sheba, with Tusker Project Fame winner Valerie Kimani. The two have a lovely child.

Eric Wainaina and wife Sheba cheating
Eric Wainaina and wife Sheba
Valerie Kimani cheating
Valerie Kimani


Creme de la creme

The DJ was shamed after a sex tape of himself and a side chick went viral. He was the talk of the town. He later revealed in an interview that his wife surprised him with dinner after they patched things up again.

DJ Creme and wife cheating
DJ Creme and wife


He is a father of two girls; Aurora Imade Adeleke and Hailey Veronica Adeleke. His two baby mamas Sophia Momudu and Mandy seem to have moved on but his girlfriend Chioma Avril Rowland has stuck by him.

Davido and Chioma


Oga ooohh! Davido girlfriend Chioma signs deal worth 100 million, buys private jet

The singer, however, confirmed he might be unfaithful about he recently made a post that read “I follow everything on skirt.” Davido had his camera on a pregnant lady, whose identity is unknown.

To cover everything up, he gifted his girl Chioma with Ksh 161,500,000 Porsche 911

Davido’s gift to girlfirend

He went ahead to dedicate to her the song Assurance.