Hair removal

Shaving of the nether regions is a topic that is shrouded in myth, fact, and hyperbole. It is a topic that is discussed and murmured about in bedrooms and behind-closed-doors.

But I will do it in public today and in hyperbole!

Let me make this clear from the outset, I am not talking about man-scaping. No, what men do with their junk is none of my business. And besides, you don’t need to look for a skyscraper in a forest.


But I do care about grooming when it comes to the ladies. Not for their benefit, I could care less. It is FOR MY BENEFIT alone!


The reason for it is pretty simple, it is easier to navigate huko chini for one whose exploits include doing oral. And it is much prettier to look at! This is a must for me. My women have to be shaved, no speckle of hair down there.


If there is EVEN one hair, we have serious problems. Problems that are comparable to Nairobi flooding last week. Even the flooding ended, but this is a catastrophe! Immediately after I discover the offending hair I inform the lady of her transgression.


She is required to make amends with immediate effect! I do not tolerate any objection! If they refuse, I then take my excellent services elsewhere.


At the end of the day, my ladies don’t need any trees down there. It ain’t like they are trying to harvest water. Hakuna global warming mle chini!

My advice to the ladies: Shave down there.Yote! You already have enough fake hair at the top of your head!

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