Vera Sidika

We live in the age of high-speed internet, faster clicks and even harsher reactions. This makes people especially women want to look picture-perfect be it behind the screen or in the flesh.

And that is for the average woman. What about the woman who wants to become the blueprint of beauty: perfect hips, perfect ass, perfect tits, perfect skin, perfect skin colour, perfect lips.

Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe
Vera Sidika And Huddah Monroe looking perfect?


How many times have I mentioned the word perfect in this article? Damn! I just used it again! But you get the gist.

Our world is full of competition among men and women. The more perfects you have in your corner as a woman, the more likely you will succeed. That is why you see women like Vera and Kim Kardashian undergo expensive cosmetic surgeries.

Vera and Otile
Vera and her assets

Is it worth it? Mostly. Vera and Hamisa are proof that a woman can gain huge advantages over other women by simply adding fake into their bodies.

Hamisa Mobetto
Do you see the difference?

And a new video shows the pain and incredible lengths women will go through to have the perfect ass without the holes and potholes. Check it out below:

Posted by Peter Karanja on Sunday, July 29, 2018

What do you think? I have no problem with someone trying to improve their lot in life. The only issue I have is that many people use quacks and dangerous methods to try to get the desired results often to the detriment of their own bodies.

Cases of women losing life and limb are a dime a dozen while undergoing these procedures. So be safe. Take precautions.

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