A 21-year-old woman is in distress due to the loud noises her 70-year-old sponsor makes whenever they are getting intimate.

*Rose who is currently pregnant man said that she met her man by the roadside after he asked for directions.

“I met him by the roadside, He said ‘hi,’ i gave him directions and he then asked for my number, and we started chatting after that. 

He is 70 years old and very well known in my area.’

The problem with Rose is that the noises her sponsor makes are not your usual screams of pleasures and she is afraid he might die on her.

‘He makes so much noise, when you just touch him he screams till people start wondering if we are fighting.

He has blood pressure after five minutes he shakes till you think that someone has poured water on him.

I have tried leaving him but I can’t. I have blocked him but when I do that he comes to look for me. If I say I have a bad phone he buys me a new one.’

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Rose added,

‘I am currently pregnant with my boyfriend’s baby and this man (sponsor) has asked me not to terminate adding that he will support the baby fully.

He takes care of me and he even pays my rent.

I fear that he might die on me. Sometimes when we are driving he parks by he roadside and asks me to fondle him imagine anapiga nduru kwa gari.

His sensitive area is his chest.’

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Rose added,

‘There is day people were peeping inside the car because the volume was so loud and so were his screams.

When you start touching him he screams, after some time he starts sweating I had to give him his pills.

We cannot even go to a hotel because of his screams. He cannot pekejeng. If you just touch him he just cums.’

Efforts by Rose to dump his sponsor have been futile.

‘I have asked him let us part in peace because I want to settle with my ‘husband.’ I am only 21 years old .

He told me that If I leave him he will die. The highest amount he has given me is 67,000.’

Whats your advice for Rose?

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