In the weekly Mpasho-ships instagram live session with Kiss FM’s Chito Ndhlovu and Kalondu Musyimi, the radio star revealed that people are too lazy to put in the effort once they get into a relationship.

Chito breaks it down on how to deal with baby mamas and baby daddy in a relationship, snooping into your partner’s phone and gifting your partner.

For starters, the KISS FM presenter emphasizes on going through your partner’s phone as a waste of time as it creates room for trust issues.

When it comes to trust issues Chito describes it as either not trusting the other partner or lacking trust in yourself.

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Chito said that the reason for going through a partner’s phone is based on insecurity and adds that going in a quest to find something will lead the person finding what he/she is looking for as one is attracting the very thing he/she is gong to dig in on.

“If you go looking for something you will find what you are looking for.” said Chito.

In every situation there is always a solution and when it comes to relationships the tactic is still the same.

According to relationships guru Chito, conflict resolution is important in a relationship citing examples with a couple sharing each other’s password or basically having a conversation with one another.

Chito stressed on the importance of communication in relationships as key for conflict resolution.

On the issue of partner’s spicing up the relationship by sending each other gift, Chito stressed on women being lazy when it comes to gifting their men.

Gifting their men with the usual gifts such as socks and wanting better gifts for themselves.

Chito addressed he issues by making women aware that men too want and crave for good and worthy gifts depending the man’s preference which women should strive to know by doing their research or just go straight to the point and ask.

“Many women are lazy when it comes too gifting men.” he said.

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For him it is important for women to pay attention to what men want.

On the question asked by a fan about dating a partner who was a child from previous relationship.

Chito said dating a baby mama or baby daddy is very easy as long as there is honesty in the relationship on whether both partners are serious or just having fun, he emphasized on the need to be open with each other.

Chito also cautioned people from getting into a relationship in which the other partner has a child and one is not ready to love the child.

“Do not get into baby mama or baby daddy relationship if you are not ready to love the child.” he cautioned.

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