People hate being invited to wedding committees, even if they know the couple that is tying the knot.

To a large extent, some of them feel that the occasion has nothing to do with them, and even if it does, they should not be asked to contribute their hard-earned cash.

But for one reason or the another, this practice still continues. As such, people are forced to device tactics so that they don’t spend even a coin towards someone else’s nuptials.

A good case in point is a woman who received a message from someone who informed her that they were once schoolmates and that she had heard she’s now a financial auditor.

This was before she dropped the bombshell that they had included her name in a wedding committee and she was required to contribute Sh25,000.

But that’s not all. Apparently, Margaret Mwathi was required to give an additional Sh10,000 because she had been chosen as the guest of honor.

Instead of telling them off and saying she would not pay the amount, like most would. She ‘cleverly’ asked if there would be food.

Maggie later turned down the invite upon realization that guests would be served soda and biscuits.

Here are the screenshots:

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