Here’s the thing, I don’t condone domestic violence but I can’t comprehend why when a man beats up a woman it leads to condemnation while the vice versa leads to ridicule.

Anyway, a video showing a young couple airing their dirty linen in public is doing rounds on the internet and social media users are having a field day, to say the least.

It shows a man being roughed up by a woman, presumably his wife, along a crowded street in Nairobi.

Apparently, the man had ‘gone missing’ for a whole weekend, his phone had also been switched off for the two days that he was away from their house in Mathare.

This prompted his wife to confront him at the ever busy Tom Mboya street before attacking him.

Apart from being punched in the face, the woman also hurled unprintable insults the man accusing him of infecting her with sexually transmitted diseases.

What surprised many was that the woman’s husband chose not to retaliate after being punched.

He instead walked away from the scene like a boss with the crowd mocking him for being a weak man. But wasn’t that a wise decision?

In his defense, the man said that he was arrested on Friday 26th August as he was on his way home.

He further explained that he was detained at Central Police Station for the whole weekend and was only released on that morning.

Check out the video below.

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