Men are savages, okay only a handful are. Long gone are the days when ladies used to storm wedding venues to demand that a wedding be stopped.

These days men are so good at covering tracks that their wives or girlfriend only know about the wedding days after it happened. What’s worse is that the men break the news to them.

A good case in point is a certain man who had the courtesy of informing his girlfriend that he is now married through WhatsApp.

The said lad sent a simple text message, presumably while he was on his honeymoon, to let the woman he was dating know that he has officially quit the bachelor’s club.

But that’s not all. He also said he would introduce her to his ‘new’ wife if they bump into each other some day.

Surprisingly, she did not cause a lot of drama, like most women would. Instead, she just told him to have a great day ahead.

Here’s the screenshot:


Fellow men, why are we like this though?

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