An accident that occurred along Thika Superhighway on Tuesday, October 18, claimed the life of a woman who was a passenger in one of the three vehicles involved in the crash.

Witnesses say a lorry had stopped below the Juja flyover after getting a puncture. Moments later, a speeding military truck and another lorry were seen approaching the scene.

The soldier who was behind the wheels of the military vehicle did all that he could to avoid hitting the vehicle that had stopped on the road but was hit from behind by the other lorry.

This caused the truck to lose control, hit the guard rails before overturning on the adjacent lane. Reports indicate that the speeding lorry also rammed into the the stalled lorry from behind before stopping.

The female passenger – who was attached to the National Youth Service (NYS) and had been offered a lift in the truck – died on the spot, while the driver of the speeding lorry suffered a serious leg injury.

“We rushed to lift the truck’s cabin in order to remove the female passenger who had sat in the middle seat but we found her head crushed. She had died on the spot,” an eye witness narrated.

The soldier driving the lorry was not hurt during the incident and he got out of overturned vehicle through the window to save his colleague who was seated in the co-driver’s seat.

Check out the photos below.

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