It is almost like an abomination here in Kenya but a woman based in London is now telling her story of how she landed what she might call a dream job after organizing a lungula surprise party for her boyfriend.

Sarah, 34, told how she decided to gift her partner at the time with something ‘different’ a few years back.

However that time was such a success that soon afterwards she decided to ditch her full time job – and her boyfriend.

Sarah, who has written pieces for GQ and describes herself as an ‘er*tic events organiser’, now runs the successful business and says she’s more fulfilled than ever.

Speaking to The Mirror, Sarah remembered: ‘A few years back I threw a surprise or*y for my then boyfriend as we both had a taste of ‘k*nk’.

‘The birthday night was such a success and voila I created something not only successful but it was to change my life forever.’

Describing how she organises international meet-ups where she meets ‘friends for life’, Sarah slams the idea that it is ‘seedy or dirty’.

Sarah creates the ‘dating and networking’ events on site ‘Clique Lifestyle’, which she describes as not being ‘trashy and just about se3’.

The parties, organised at luxury venues, see ‘like-minded’ people get together to drink, socialise and ‘express their se3uality openly’.

Sarah describes herself as ‘wild, eccentric and se3ually energised’, and says she is delighted she can finally be herself.

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Explaining that swinging has ‘moved on from being seedy, she added: ‘The more I do it, the more it levitates me to keep on going. I am a perfectionist, a se3ual deviant and this doesn’t mean I play with everybody but it means I get to dress up, play a character and that’s the kind of thing that excites me.’

And Sarah has decided to stay single for the mean time, admitting that she’s ‘too busy to meet anyone at the moment’.