Doreen Gatwiri

Doreen Gatwiri is one of the most beautiful female television personalities that Kenya has produced the last few years. Just look at her picture below:

Now we can go into the serious business. But her glowing beauty has been masked by allegations of physical abuse from her husband and politician Gideon Mulyungi.

Doreen Gatwiri
Doreen Gatwiri and her husband in happier times

The lady who is accused of the affair has apparently been spotted sharing photos hanging out in the MP’s compound and also posing next to his cars.

From her photos, it’s clear to see that the lady doesn’t really care about the comments she is receiving from her followers. In fact, she tells off haters who judge her for her fancy lifestyle. Check out her Facebook posts that have left many questioning her relationship with the politician:

When we reached Doreen for comment, she

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