Cheating Wife
Cheating Wife. photo credit: black and marriedwithkids

Love is often abused when used in most marriages.

Many couples are together in many marriages not because of love but due to a myriad of circumstances. It becomes a battle to stay in the relationship because your husband is rich but if were to live him, you would most likely be left worse for the wear.

Broken relationship
Broken relationship. photo credit: pinterest

This next story demonstrates the fine line in quite some detail. According to Venas news, one such lady has been in this exact same scenario. The story is paraphrased were possible. The lady says that she got married in 2010 to her 2-year boyfriend who was then selling scrap metals.

Their wedding was colourful (meaning it was expensive, ama?)  The first two years were o.k until he got busier as he was exporting scrap metals to Dubai.  She felt lonely because her man was always flying’ leaving he all alone with her baby. The name of her husband was Teddy, and he would be home for 2 days and disappear for 2 weeks.

While he was at home Teddy could not satisfy her in bed. Teddy was very wealthy and when he left on his business trips he would leave her with 100,000 shs. for shopping. But she didn’t enjoy the money as she was lonely.

As she was a married woman she wanted to feel loved but couldn’t talk to other men as they were also married. In one visit to a friend who lived in Rongai, she found a kind-hearted conductor and they proceeded to exchange numbers.

The next day they started chatting on WhatsApp. Their conversation became a normal part of her day, with her complaining that the conductor would talk to her up for up to one hour while her husband would only do so for 5 minutes. The feelings she had now for the conductor were making her consider a divorce from Teddy.

But this affair wasn’t to stay hidden as Teddy found out. And she is ready to sacrifice her marriage for the turn-boy.  Since finding out Teddy has been silent about what he will do.

Cheating meme
Cheating meme. photo credit: yourtango

Her biggest issue now is if she is right in following her heart and going for the turn-boy? The conductor, meanwhile, says that he would be able to take care of her as he makes 3000 shs. a day. What should she do?