Mowzey Radio
Mowzey Radio. photo credit: Instagram/mowzeyradio

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust. From earth we came and back to the earth we shall return. Mowzey Radio was interred into the earth this past weekend (3rd of February 2018) after he passed on having clung on to his life in a coma following a vicious bar brawl that he is said to have instigated.

It would seem some opportunists decided to use his remains and gravesite for some black magic rituals. You see, in the traditional African society, some things were understood that we have lost upon adopting Western education and culture. One of the things our ancestors understood was energies. And places of death are rich in dark energy. That is why some practitioners of long-forgotten dark arts seek out graves and seek to desecrate them and the remains of the dead.

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A woman in Uganda was arrested after she visited Mowzey radio’s gravesite and begun performing some dark magic rituals on the site. Police arrived at the scene, arrested the woman and then took her to Butabika Mental Hospital where she will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine the state of her mental health.