Tanasha Donna

Is Tanasha Donna pregnant with Diamond child? That’s the rumor that has been going around after she shared pics showing off her tummy popping out.

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In one of the pics, she captioned:

Simple Detail.

Tanasha Donna

Her followers were quick to congratulate her, claiming Diamond Platnumz alimwaga ndani.

Could it be Tanasha was bloated or she was just from eating when she took the photo?

Or is the dress small and she has outgrown it?

Tanasha Donna

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz commented on one of the Tanasha’s pics and her comment read;

 Am waiting.

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Reactions from fans include:

goldenmsafi Nakaona kadogo ake na Dylan kwa mbali

jackson21 Ongera kwa kupata mimba ya Diamond

queenmandasmith Tanasha congratulations. I’m seeing the baby bump

moha_mnatiest Am I the only one seeing a baby bump? I guess simba has planted his seeds again

justmepetty Is that a baby bum, constipation or effects of too many tuskers/

sahrakagz We waiting for u to change UA name to momma prince ooooh

salmon.isaiah Sure Simple details for those who have two eyes, very beautiful and so much [email protected]

 aisha.reen Wow congrats. I  can see a baby bump too

aby_deezo Am not a huge fan but the baby bump has got me excited

pheobe_1341 I can spot a tiny baby bump lol 😍

aminajuma Mungu akusaidie ujifungue salama umpatie mond mtoto chotala ??

apo_hillary Don’t tell me you’re pregnant?

achimedy_nina Hongera mama mungu akujaalie uzae salama ????

assurance_ We know you pregnant!…

florence_omari Diamond is a sperm donor

gloriabundala I can c the baby bam?????? @tanashadonna waiting????

sms_za_mapenzi Una mimba dada ake @tanashadonna

davscort Mimba ????

apo_hillary Don’t tell me you’re pregnant?

achimedy_nina Hongera mama mungu akujaalie uzae salama ❤️❤️

rahmasalimu mtoto wako amegeuka naona amelemea upande mmoja

viviannyakoa Uko na kitambi ya nini?

fondogavilan Diamond kashafanya yake already, yo pregnant 😜😜😜🤣

tashabwiza But wats wrong with yr berry i think u should do deworming lol 😂

soniewilson Baby boy or baby gal… I see baby pump

carlo_wangui Baby loading

Mpasho.co.ke reached out to her for a comment and her response was loud and clear; she blue ticked us.

Mpasho exclusive with Tanasha-Donna
Mpasho chat with Tanasha

This is not the first time Tanasha is being rumoured to be pregnant. Two months ago, she denied rumours that she was paged.

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