Pastor Migwi

City pastor Godfrey Migiw has been criticizing the government in the past week after rendering 1,500 city residents homeless.

The government demolished houses constructed on land meant to pave way for the expansion of the Sewerage Treatment plan in Ruai.

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Ruai demolitions
Leonida Munyangi a resident of Arca Mia Mbili in Ruai reacts on 17th May 2020 after her house was demolished by the Government for building on Nairobi Water and Sewerage land. Photo/Fredrick Omondi

Talking about the Ruai demolitions, pastor Migwi got emotional and burst into tears trying to explain what the homeless people were going through, spending nights in the cold.

Ruai demolitions
Salome Njeri a resident of Arca Mia Mbili in Ruai ponders her next move under a rubble after their house was demolished on 17th May 2020 . The Government demolished structures said to be constructed in Nairobi Water and Sewerage land. Photo/Fredrick Omondi

Hs followers too were touched by the sad story of Ruai evicted families and their comments include;

Wa Kihara God bless you man of God, umeongea ukweli and may God protect you from any harm.

Shiku Mubea I cried to God, even seeing that young boy, shushu , mothers with small kids with this rainfall and corona, nowhere to go …..God interviewed….. it’s so painful may God avenged for them

Githongo JM This is painful… Corona !kubomolewa! kunyeshewa nje! Biashara kufungwa! God have mercy 🙏 hii selikali ni ya matajiri hawajari maskini!

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Bancy K Roba So touching, Sir..ooh my God ave mercy, Its True, uchungu tuko nayo, Ruai demolition made me shed tears

Njīhia Nyagūthiī God Almighty protect you always as you speak on behalf of voiceless

Shadrack Favoured Kiune So touching,fellow Kenyans are suffering at the expense of Big greedy families

Waithe Nancy We made a very huge mistake for trusting a fellow human being with our lives just because he is a Kikuyu

Commenting on early this month’s Kariobangi demolitions, the man of God took to social media to condemn the barbaric act, questioning the governing on why it did so.

Even animals, birds 🦅 care for their children’s and other animals , this’s a failed and none caring government, I know the big family is targeting Muranga water and Kariobangi Sewage disposal for an ambitious forthcoming Ultra-Modern City project. But why evict poor people suffering from lack of money, acute food shortage, rains and floods then battling with Corona Virus?’ read his post.

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