Kenyan singer David Mathenge, popularly known as Nameless, has been around for as long as most of us can remember.

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He made his debut on the Kenyan entertainment industry in the late 90’s and surprisingly,  he has managed to stay relevant to date, releasing hit after hit.

Over the years, Nameless who is now a father of two lovely girls, has maintained the same style of rocking shades with a hat or durag. Yes, he has been doing that for all those years!

The “Butterfly” singer has never been seen in public without his two favorite accessories so much so that some of us believe that he goes to bed with them. Ha!

It seems he had a change of mind as he recently showed his fans what lies underneath the durags.

He asked his fans to tag anyone who is part of #TeamForehead and tell them that he is one of them.

Here are the photos:

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