NTV’s Larry Madowo has gained a lot weight over the past few years, a good indication that he takes home a fat cheque every month.

However, things have not always been as ‘good’ as they are today. When Madowo was just starting off, he was discouraged from pursing journalism by people who said he’s thin.

Through his Front Row column on the Daily Nation, Larry said he got his first job at the age of 20. At the time, he was says he was a “a wide-eyed, skinny village boy.”

As such, one would easily understand why Madowo gained massive weight after getting his first job and making a name for himself.

A few days ago, a Kenyan On Twitter (KOT) sent out a tweet saying the newscaster has put in some kilos, adding that God’s favour was manifesting.

Unlike Mejja who clapped back at a fan who body shamed him on live TV about a fortnight ago, Larry decided to play it cool.

He simply said: “God’s image is increasing in me.”


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