Johnson Onunga, the man from Kisumu County who found a wife after placing posters, has revealed how they spent their first night together.

He was subjected to ridicule by Kenyans after the posters which showed him spelling out all the qualities that he wants in the woman who he can settle down with went viral.

Some of the qualities Onunga ‘desired’ in his significant other are she should be aged 19 to 26 years, not a single mother, be of good health, be willing to run a business, etc.

Surprisingly enough, the man received calls from more than 800 women but he decided to settle for one Pauline Akinyi who was overqualified according to him.

The 32-year-old who stays in Ahero said the aforementioned lady  travelled from Kisumu to meet him. When they finally met, Onunga was really impressed by her nature.

“She was overqualified! She is young, humble and soft-spoken, and genuinely cares for me,” he said in a candid  interview with the Nairobian

Mpasho contacted him on Monday to find out how he’s adapting to the dating life and how they spent their first night together.

He told us that the first thing they did was to visit a VCT to check their HIV statuses before they sat down to talk about the future. Later that night, Pauline and Onunga had coitus.

Here’s the audio:

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