Hopper Omondi

Hopper Omondi Otieno is the newest ‘celebrity’ in town. Omondi trended for the better part of the weekend after a woman accused him of not paying her after a sexcapade at his house in Kahawa Wendani.

The woman, who revealed she was a single mother from Kayole said she decided to use Facebook to get her payment.

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‘He had sex with me juzi na hakunilipa😭😭 endeni Kwa wall yake ya FB Hopper Omondi mwabieni anilipe mtoto apate maziwa, siwezi toka from kayole hadi kahawa wendani na mguu anichambulie nunu na hanilipi, aliniambia atatuma Kwa mpesa Hadi SAA hii sijaona any message aki na hii pandemic situation ya Corona 😞😞,’ she posted.

A Facebook user while defending the woman wrote, ‘Seems you know each other well ….why you???? Just pay her whatever you agreed on. hii tabia ya ku misuse women isn’t fair at all.’

Another one posted ‘Wewe lipia nunu.’

Another user wrote, ‘ladies tulisema hakuna kufuliza nunu get downpayment before you sleep with him.’

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Responding to the allegations, Omondi denied, defending his image.

‘I have never been a victim of cyberbullying before, over the years I have heard of celebrities or individuals being bullied and blackmailed on social media.I never knew how painful and traumatizing it is, but the most painful thing is how people who don’t even know you are quick to judge and throw all kind of insults. I have been ridiculed for the last 24hrs by strangers, For many of you, it’s a field day, you don’t know how this sh*t hurts,’ he wrote in part.

He went ahead to reveal that he wouldn’t bed a woman from Kayole even if he was desperate, and this statement angered many.

Even if I were that desperate for sex, why would I choose to sleep with a hoe all the way from Kayole, are there no prostitutes in Kahawa Wendani where I stay or even in the nearby estates like Kahawa Sukari, Kasarani, Roysambu e.t.c.Do you think I am that desperate to an extent of buying sex, do you think my dignity can allow me to do that? and how many millions of shillings does a hoe who would be selling her body, for me not to afford to pay her? if that was the case? If it’s all true why hasn’t she called me personally to ask for her payment that she is claiming??? Why is she using a fake account if she is genuine, why is she not showing you the call log or text messages between me and her? Why are Kenyans so quick to judge without even single evidence???.

He added,

I don’t know who is behind all this sh*t but am sure someone somewhere is hell-bent to bring me down, my name has been tainted, my business has suffered as a result of this just because of an enemy in disguise of a pseudo account and all of you are happy about it. If you think you have managed to put me down then i am sorry, i am one person who believes in hard work, I will keep going. I want to thank all of you who have offered emotional support during this tough moment despite the fact that you don’t know personally me but you still chose to stand by me, may God bless you.

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In another post,

Even if I were to sleep with a prostitute, do you think am that broke to fail to pay, do you think am that desperate to buy sex?, and why would I sleep with a prostitute from Kayole? , is it even possible to walk all the way from Kayole to Kahawa Wendani as she is alleging? am I that cheap? , personally, do you think all your friends are happy about your Success to an extent they cant do such a thing out of jealousy just to tarnish your name, am really saddened by all these Kenyans flooding my wall to support shit posted by a person in disguise of a pseudo account. Ask yourself why the person is using a fake account before you judge, why can’t she post the screenshots or call log between me and her or any messages confirming the same.But all this comes with a lesson to choose your friends wisely and not everyone will ever be happy about your success. I will come back much stronger and kill you with success//

Check out the screenshots for evidence

Hopper Omondi Hopper Omondi

Hopper Omondi