Jalang'o and Jowie

Kenyans have been left in shock after Jowie Joe’s Instagram account was updated.

Jowie, whose real name is Joseph Irungu, is currently at Kamiti Maximum Prison, where he will spend another X-mas and New Year.

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Jowie, the main suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder, has deleted his Instagram account bio.

He has also posted a throwback photo he took with a woman believed to be his friend.

Jowie woman   It’s not clear whether it’s Jowie who updated the account or asked someone else to do it.

Jowie's instagram
Irungu’s Instagram

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Check out comments from Kenyans

castenimmo Karibu Jowi…..and it shall come to PASS🙏

njachu He’s baaaaaacccck

ms.muriuki welcome back we missed you man

ivymarani Welcome back

keizdaffy Haiya nani alisema Christmas utakulia jela?

rozana_diamor Ametoka ama?

aruseichep 👏👏Welcome back

miranda.pak I thought you should be rotting in jail now, anyway let me be thinned by mine.

miss_ivy_ke Eisssh finally

gadafishariff Welcome back bro👊👊….#TheOnlyEasyDayWasYesterday miss.

barakeila 🙌🙌🙌🙌 let wellness follow you👏 Also read;

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mariah.shiks Finally you are back…😍😍😍😍

sheilanin Yaaaaay 💃🏿

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