grave widow

There was drama at the burial of murder victim in Nakuru after his wife sat in the grave in protest against the police for releasing a suspect prematurely.

Edward Mwangi’s wife and his two cousins sat in his grave for over two hours demanding that their kin’s body is taken back to the mortuary.

Saying they were ready to be buried with their kin, the three held the church conducting the ceremony at ransom as other mourners watched helplessly.

Mwangi’s father Daniel Mwea also watched in shock as his own children defied and accused him of siding with those who murdered his son.

The 33-year-old was murdered on December 3. His body was found dumped on a farm next to his suspected killer’s home.

Mary Wangare, the widow, said.

Why was the suspect released hours after he was arrested? It is very painful. There’s no burial which is going to take place her. We cannot allow the killers to walk free as we reel in pain

grave widow

Man exhumes son’s body to confirm its still in grave

Attempts by Dundori MCA Michael Chege to calm them were futile.

At about 3pm, Mwangi’s father lost his temperament and ordered his son to be buried. Four men went inside the grave and forced the three ‘protesters’ out.

After shouts and exchange of fists, calm returned and the body of the deceased was quickly lowered. No prayers were conducted.