Cashy vs Khaligraph

Khaligraph Jones’ ex-lover Cashy Karimi has exposed him for not taking up his responsibilities as a father.

The femcee called Jones out on social media telling him to provide for their son’s health insurance.


Speaking in a phone interview with, she said,

My son has been sick for the past three weeks and he’s out of hospital. I only mentioned health insurance, which is the least a father could do. considering I have been dOing everything else since we broke up.

She revealed that the case has been in court for over a year.

‘We have been talking through our lawyers and the issue is the stalling of the case during this pandemic. We’ve been talking about the health insurance and they are wasting my time,’ she added.

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Cashy denied claims that she once said that the Mazishi hitmaker wasn’t the kid’s father.

‘I’ve never denied it. THE Issue with that is at the begining of last year I had a music related project and when I went for MEdia house intereviews, i ony spoke about violence but i never denied KhALigraph being the father of my child. The media misinTERpreted everything saying I had another baby daddy because I had two baby showers,’ she told


‘After posting photos from the baby shower, people were like “ooh is this the baby daddy?” and then blogs jumped on that.’

The rapper also revealed that Khaligraph has met his son several times.

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