Bebe Cool attacks Bobi Wine

Washed-up Ugandan musician Bebe Cool has showered President Yoweri Museveni with love.

The artiste, who is an ardent fan of one of the longest-serving Presidents in Africa [Museveni], has taken shots at his rival Bobi Wine.

President Museveni

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While praising Museveni, the father of six publicly endorsed the current President to run for another term.

His post read,

Does my presidential candidate look worried about you?🤣🤣🤭
Let sleeping dogs Lie….,I have one saying in life that I will always follow, I ONLY FOLLOW THOSE WHO HAVE WHAT AM LOOKING FOR, never will I ever follow those trying to get what am looking for because they might NEVER get it🤣🙌

Bebe Cool and the Kyagulanyi member of parliament don’t see eye to eye. Bobi Wine has been on the forefront fighting for the youths to dominate politics in Uganda and he will be vying as a presidential candidate in the next general elections.

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A section of Ugandan’s of Facebook lashed out at Bebe Cool and below are their comments;

Andaman Daku Finally he can smile and sleep well! H.E BOBI WINE is out of the country. And you can write something too 🤣🤣🤣

mk2k9 Your mum should’ve slept instead of giving birth to you

kakmosand You follow where there is money

belinda_thunder His friend/musician CHAMELEON just bought a house in USA.and this small size is here opening his mouth without any property outside Uganda.

kaweesi_frank Bebe cool we need change man, I know u also see it but coz Museveni blinded u with money he gives u but nawe okiraba coz the condition in ug is worsening day by day in Museven’z regime.

valentine_santana Bullshit good for nothing quack😏😏😏

Rogie If Bebe cool was my son, I would have exchanged him for ice-cream 🍦

Kizito Andrew Dacosta I respect your opinion,,, though am also happy with mine

babykisti He doesn’t look worried but old and tired and the only person sleeping here is him and his entire parliament and maybe some of his supporters.

baba4thegirls Sycophancy is not a human right, your despot must fall and he’ll be hanged by his balls, your support for him isn’t practical but rather hypocritical, Fear is a liar it motivates haters be prepaid for a ruthless battle! People power our power change is inevitable💪💪💪💪

joshxx_3 Bebe we all know u ain’t a politician. Leave matters of politics to the politicians. Stick to music

tonny256ugofficial He deserves retirement and he should go take care of his 🐄. Stop going after money 💴 Bebe Fool and one day the money will finish

benard.bagz It’s not a surprise,u left your dad and support him….it was a clear indication