Bahati's brother

Would you date your in-law’s brother or sister?

Well, Bahati and Diana recently hooked up her sister (Varl) with her hubby’s brother (Ndirangu).

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The two met for a blind date and it didn’t end up as many expected. A section of Bahati’s fans termed it  ‘childish’.

Bahati and Diana's sister Varl
Bahati and Diana’s sister Varl

When they met at a local restaurant, Varl, who’s very loud, is surprised to meet Ndirangu, who is calm and collected and she even makes ‘demeaning’ remarks about him. She says:

Si we ni brother yangu. Na vile unakuanga mboring (But you’re my brother. And the way you’re boring…).

Bahati’s brother, on the other hand, is happy and he says:

Varl is a cartoon (funny) and I love someone who makes me happy.

Bahati's brother and in-law
Bahati’s brother and in-law

Diana’s sister, who seemed nervous, asked the guy how they would relate in case they fell for each other and he responded:

Indians marry their close relatives because at least they know each other.

Before they could finish their conversation, a waiter interrupted to take their orders. The wild Varl then told her date:

I love food so much. Ndirangu, let us just eat.

Bahati's brother

Some of the reactions included:

King Kong: So disgusting. This is incest and a curse. Shameless gospel family

Nandwa Isaac: Nkt! Stupid, how can you go date when camera are on, who boy does that, hii script hamukuandika poa, mwenye aliandika aliwacheza. Iteni Abel Mutua awaandikie script ndo muact, huu ni utoto na ujinga, heri niende kuwatch Gotv channel 1 nione venye kusubscribe kwa supersport.

Here is the video