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Singer Bahati has fired his PA Emmah Lihavi, who almost broke his marriage with his wife Diana Marua.

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In Saturday’s Bahati Reality, the EMB record label founder revealed that he fired Emmah because she was demanding too much.

‘she wanted security among other things. I  have a new PA and have to take her slow,’ he said.

Diana, on the other hand, was happy that Emmah was gone and the vacancy was fit for her sister Val to take over. She appointed her as Bahati’s PA.

I want you to be giving me 411 news udaku yote ya Bahati (everything revolving his life,’ the mother of two told her sister.

Bahati and Diana's sister Varl
Bahati and Diana’s sister Varl

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On the first day at work, the Mama hitmaker had it rough with his new PA and he even had to abort his date after he realised Diana’s sister was spying on him.

Huyu ni presenter mgani sijawahi ona? You think I don’t know [local] presenters? So this is what you used to do when Emma was working for you and that’s why you fired her?’ she said .


Who is that woman or she’s Sandra involved in your cheating scandal?

The father of two interjected, “Is it a must you know all presenters and people I meet?”

Val responded saying,

You should know that I am here as your PA ANd dIANA’s SISTER.

The singer, who had excused himself and left his friend (date) eating was forced to leave without even saying goodbye.

Let me leave this place. I don’t want drama. Please wacha kuchoma Val.Do you think I only meet male presenters only?

His sister-in-law was breathing fire and she told him,

Wacha kuniambia nachoma! So this is what you always do? If you fired Emma because she used to snitch on you I’m here to stay.

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