Ngina Kenyatta

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina Kenyatta has received heavy criticism after talking about how African leaders must empower youth for a better tomorrow.

The first daughter, who’s the director of Kenyatta Trust (KT), while delivering her speech during the African Philanthropy Forum talked about how the trust is empowering the new generations of Africans through education.

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Ngina used an example of a Moses Etot, a young student from Turkana Count, who’s currently studying petroleum engineering in China under the sponsorship of the trust.

The trust’s main agenda is to create a new generation of young individuals with a progressive mindset to feel the needs of the ever-changing generation,’ she said.

This didn’t go well with KOT, who criticised the rich kid.

Reactions include;

Muthoni Drummer Queen There is not a single Kenyan youth who believes or has interest in a single word coming from your mouth. You have zero standing to tell the youth of Kenya anything. We see thru the BS. This is prime the prince and princess for take over in a few years. Nope. Absolutely NO.

Paulo She only mentions one young man from Turkana. I have never heard of Kenyatta trust. This is my first time. Do this organization visit our Ghetto to promote our business or educate us on how to grow and empower our fellow youts with skills NO 🤒 😒

Sabato Fred Privileged or not , nobody had a choice to be born in a poor or rich family. I applaud Ngina Kenyatta for her efforts in the Kenyatta Trust, she is changing lives in her own capacity.
Some of us bashing at her here have never done anything at individual capacity to give back.

Don Santo truth be told, Ngina Kenyatta gave an outstanding speech befitting her status as Director of Kenyatta Trust. I look forward to more of such initiatives that truly transform lives.

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Mohamednoor Adan Has Ngina Kenyatta ever slept hungry? Has she ever been sent home for school fees? We’re tired of these elites lecturing us on things they absolutely know nothing about. The time is ripe for hustlers to be at the helm:

Moses Sirkwa Stop backlashing Ngina Kenyatta. She did not chose to be the daughter of the president. Let her be.

allen_arnold How ironical? Ngina Kenyatta talking of youth empowerment in Kenya while her dad, President Uhuru Kenyatta called youths thieves, he’s dishing out jobs to fossils and he’s masterminding the looting of our youths’ future.

Hon Alinur I find it ironical when Ngina Kenyatta delivers a powerful speech in front of her father President Uhuru Kenyatta on how the youths can beat unemployment. Before we lend an ear, where are the one million jobs Jubilee promised youths? This is pure mockery!

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Stellamaris Octavia Ngina Kenyatta I a sensible young woman who also happens to be a Kenyan youth…she is not under the families wings…if you read dailies and knew,you would know she is an http://entrepreneur.So come out of your cocoons and get the bigger picture of what she is trying to create!