A family in Ngong is mourning the murder of the father of four who was kidnapped last week from his home.

His children watched the abduction.

James Tipango, 35, was kidnapped at 7.45pm last Monday from his Bondeni house in Ngong, Kajiado county.

This is the latest in the string of mystery deaths in the family, the widow Naomi said, without explaining.

The cause was not immediately known but the deceased, who was not employed, had several court cases involving land disputes.

Naomi said Tipango had just arrived home and was playing with their youngest child when two armed men forced their way into the house.

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They ordered the four children to lie on the floor and Tipango to raise his arms.

They dragged him out of the house into a waiting car nearby.

“I am just a househelp at Kileleshwa. My neighbour on Monday at around 8.30pm called telling me my husband had been kidnapped,” Naomi said.

She said she notified a nephew who rushed to Ngong police station to check because one child said the kidnappers looked like policemen. But he had not been booked.

Police found Tipango’s body in Naivasha on Tuesday at Delemere Farm. The head was wrapped in a plastic bag and tied with a string round his neck.

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The family had been visiting Chiromo Mortuary daily to look for his body.

The widow and brother identified the body yesterday in Naivasha.

“I confirmed it is my husband. I don’t know who my husband has offended to deserve such a brutal murder,” Naomi said.

The family has not formally reported the murder.