Losing a parent is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone. Life changes completely after losing a parent or both. A young Nigeria medicine graduate is among the millions of orphans in the world who have had a tough experience in life after losing her mother.

The young woman got admitted to study Medicine and Surgery in 2008 at one of the local universities and during her eight years in school, she encountered several challenges including the loss of her loved one. She recently graduated  in the medicine field and she is happy to have made it this far. The young graduate in a Facebook post advised the youth to work hard and never give up in life and concentrate on the positives in life.

“You can be whatever you desire to be, all you need is to believe. To that young champ, dare to believe and you will encounter mind blowing results.”

What a message?

“Please Share to Inspire That Young Champ. My Dad’s words “Let’s share the story, it might inspire an upcoming champ ” My sojourney in OAU.Ile-Ife began in December 2008 when I got admitted to study Medicine and Surgery. All excited and charged up.the race started. Along the line. I encountered hiccups which all turned out to make me a resilient person (The loss of Mama, was the hardest blow) Fast track to 13th October, 2016-Not only did I get inducted into the medical profession. I am also a proud CEO of an upcoming clothing line RichRose.”



Here is the screenshot

Young Graduate