People who were strangers minutes ago had now turned decades-long lovers, getting higher and higher, they danced and ground each other as tight as the brake pads on a steep ground. After the drinks, it was time for home. Fellas you know the drill right? So the newly met lovers leave the club and yes they’re not catching a cab but taking his ride.

Like a cow taken to the slaughter, Mercy, showered with honey manenoz slides herself into the car with her “investment” going home to seal their contract. Unknown to her, the happy moments were over, and terror awaited her.

“It was all good until we got to his house, I was shocked and terrified to death, in his house there were five other heavily built men, they were staying together, being the only woman I felt being in danger.” She narrated to Kenya Insights.

“This one is fine than that one last night broda, we’re gonna have a good evening,” said one of the five men. Contrary to her thoughts that she was only coming to be with the Prince Charming alone, it was a whole pack of wolves plotting to have a piece of her. She attempted to scream but was threatened. They ran a train on her, taking turns raping her severally.

Ladies, why do you still fall for such men or go out in the company of strangers?

Source: Kenyan Insights