Kiss FM bubbly presenter Adelle Onyango is one of the most humble celebrities around. She is down to earth. The soft-spoken presenter has just landed a lucrative deal having been appointed as one of the youth mentors in the East African region for the African Leaders Initiative (YALI) 2015.

Created on 28th July 2014 by US president Barrack Obama in four Regional Leadership centers; Senegal, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa with an aim of mentoring and inspiring youth to take up leadership roles in mentoring each other.

Aaaw! Adelle Onyango Gives Mzazi Willy Tuva’s Daughter Her First Interaction With The Entertainment Industry!

This year beginning 20th July, the Regional Leadership Center for East Africa located in Nairobi, Kenya will embark on improving the availability and quality of leadership training programs and professional development opportunities for young East African Leaders. Adelle Onyango who has been instrumental in mentoring the youth through her Project ‘SHE’ initiative will join other appointed young African leaders to this cause.

Congratulations Adelle!