I swear women are their own worst enemies. Instead of celebrating and appreciating the traditional wedding of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s eldest son, Jomo, Kenyans decided to troll them. The upcoming wedding will be our version of a royal wedding. We cannot wait.

The much talked about Kenyatta traditional ceremony was hush hush and was attended by the high and mighty in society. Read all about it here.

Exclusive Photos From President Uhuru’s First Son’s Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Jomo Kenyatta

A member of Kilimani Mums Facebook page posted photos of the traditional ceremony between Jomo Kenyatta and his bride to be and wrote,

“someone please offer to give our sister bra…” REFERRING to the blushing bride

No sooner had she posted that, than other women decided to troll the Facebooker who clearly was using a pseudo account.

Joan Mwangi, “As long she’s comfortable without bra it’s ok anyway she is a step ahead getting married to a president’s family it’s an achievement I also think of staying free without bra I might dine with a high family to.”

Bancy Nyawira, ” When you have presidents son as your husband, you surely dont need a bra. Infact you dont need anything hehe.”

Vergy Love, “Shinda apo ukisema ohh sijui someone help her with a bra she is now part of the kenyatta family, bra ni wewe she got noticed with her simplicity, umesahau ako kwa familia she can afford collection yote ya Victoria secrets.FYI hizo si nyonyo she has a flat chest dress imehang coz of the belt.”

SN Mwenda, “Seriously! Ladies ladies when will we ever learn to accept and appreciate that someone will always be ahead of us. This lady has already won the guys heart. The much we can do is just wish them well in life. Lady, stop being bitter with your life and celebrate others for their success.”

Mary Mutua, “Nimevaa bra miaka na miaka na ata mca tricky siwes pata…si afadhali huyu havai na ana dine na 1st family.Throws away my bra.”

Maggie Marwa, “Hiyo ni belt imeshika iyo nguo huyo dame ata hana nyonyo.”

Grace Wambui,”She’s a beautiful lucky gal. Simplicity dio swag ya siku hizi.”

Rayhab Tish Tiana, “Sagging or non sagging she got the nigga shida hapo 2 na bra ya 10bob ukiwaste mbs zako ku upload hii pic.”

Alisha Imani, “Kwani ako na matiti moja or can’t you see that’s a clothing bulge???Common sense dictates you zoom before making such an ignorant snide comment. What has your perky boobs achieved for you before utafutiane bra anyways????She is The real First Lady’s daughter in law now while you’re just a boob criticizing social media first lady in tiny tiny letters hahahahaha….”

Carole Njeri Munyi, “Calm down Princess,his younger brother Muhoro is still available and as far as I know,you are so cute. Find out where he hangs out and get him to notice your presence,counting on you!”

Lucy Ciru Mbugua, “Lol wewe endelea kulia lia bra apo and the dress she is wearing probably could by 50 bras for you nkt.”


Ciku Kamabi, “Women always looking for faults in others.”