Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua has turned a year older. The mother of two, who has been working with top brands and personal projects after quitting Citizen TV, celebrated her special day with a sweet message, which read,

‘Thank you all for the amazing #birthday wishes yesterday!
Womanhood is such a vibe; the older I get, the more I value my successes and failures.
In a world that often dictates what you should be doing, how and when, embrace the work in progress that you are and choose to evolve at your own pace. Anticipate the chaos, appreciate your process. Try it 😉.’

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In a recent post, talking about how her 2020 was, Janet wrote,

‘One thing for sure; navigating life through a pandemic was never something we never thought we would experience in our lifetime!

With some losses and failures tucked neatly under my belt, 2020 was becoming one of the years I wished to erase. But my turning point came when I realized that “it’s ok not to be ok”; to cry it out, vent and try again the next day. Limping towards the finishing line, I did this video, to give myself a pat on the back, for how far I had come this year and much to my surprise, in the midst of a stormy year, there were moments of bloom. I weathered personal and professional storms and still have a fight left in me.

I’m hoping to extend some of that fight, especially to those of you who are still feeling so down and out. ✨’

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